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The Learning Effective Sobriety Skills (LESS) program, designed by Phoenix psychologist Curtis Walling, Ph.D., is an intensive outpatient treatment program for adults 18 and over experiencing the challenges brought on by substance abuse. We are proud to describe LESS as a treatment program that is guided by the latest and best research evidence and clinical experience regarding "what works" in substance abuse treatment. This "best practices" focus pervades every facet of the LESS program.


We have found that only with adherence to proven treatment techniques can each individual be offered the greatest chance for meaningful and lasting change with the personal, lifestyle, and family problems brought on by substance abuse. The basic premise of the LESS Program is simple:  Sobriety is a set of skills that can be learned. You always have the ability to think and learn. In the LESS Program you will learn the skills and acquire the tools you need to change your life. . .


For more information regarding admission to LESS call us at (602) 820-7509.

Our 10 "Guiding Principles"

>  Use of ASAM Criteria


>  Research-Proven Techniques


>  Cognitive-Behavioral Theory


>  The "Stages of Change"


>  Best Use of 12-Step Groups


>  Homework Assignments


>  10-Week Treatment Regimen


>  Family Participation


>  Group Therapy


>  Urine Drug Testing

We accept all major insurance and offer flexible payment plans.                               

Call us to inquire (602) 820-7509.    



I cannot speak highly enough about the Learning Effective Sobriety Skills (LESS) Program.  As a recent graduate, I can say this program changed my life. The combination of a tremendous counselor/facilitator and the value of a small group experience (of people wanting change and serious about their recovery) is a winning solution.  I learned the tools which helped me evaluate my situation and understand the root cause of my substance abuse.  Alexa (Lexi) is a terrific facilitator.  If you or a loved one has a problem with addiction of any substance, I strongly recommend this program.  This program is the best of the best. Lexi . . . thanks again.  You literally saved me.  For that, I will be forever grateful.     -B.R.


This is the BEST PROGRAM EVER.  I was dreading at first, nervous, but found myself wanting to come here.  Never wanting to leave.  Learned many effective skills -- lifelong skills that actually work.  Lexi is knowledgeable, insightful, and the greatest counselor I have ever encountered.   --  F.S.


The program has been a tremendous learning experience for me.  I really enjoyed being here & Lexi is a wonderful teacher, Lexi listens and is able to pull out emotions and thoughts I didn't realize were in me.   I feel like I'm now ready to face the world with a new attitude and a fresher mind-- clearer and brighter.  I believe the LESS program is wonderful-- not sure how to improve it.  Thanks Lexi !  Excellent program-- I'll recommend it highly to anyone I believe can benefit from it.    --  K.P.

I can honestly say this program and therapist changed my life.  I can write pages, but this says it all . . . I'm currently sober, not just clean, but SOBER.  I feel like I've learned not just "why" but "how."   "Why" I got high and "how" not to!  Thanks Lexi, you're one in a million, and thanks to Project LESS.  --  J.P.


I cannot think of any improvements:  This is one of the most impactful, well-facilitated and thoughtfully constructed self-awareness regimens I have ever experienced !  In particular, Lexi is a masterful facilitator.  Her examples are so appropriate to the participants.  Her command of the science and subject matter is so vast.  And, her ever-present good humor helps so much during the darker moments!  This was a life-changing experience, and I thank everyone involved.   -M.M.


(I would like) a longer Program !  But overall this Program is amazing.  It has helped me out in so many positive ways, gave me skills I can use in my future.  I'm thankful that I had Project LESS !     -A.R.


I enjoyed coming and being a part of Project LESS.  It has been very helpful in my recovery and to continue on my life of sobriety.  I would not improve a thing.  I absolutely loved everyday of coming in here and sharing my recovery.  Lexi was awesome.  She makes recovery a fun learning experience as well as how to change in ordinary lifetyles.  It is hard to say that I would want to see anything improve because I think it is an amazing program.   - M.L.


Excellent program with focus on tools and self identifying features for not only recovery but sustainment.   Thanks!   Group therapy is fantastic!    -B.H.

My experience far exceeded my expectations.  My family and I will be forever grateful for the impact these 10 weeks will have on my future.  I honestly can say that Lexi truly made this process as positive as I can possibly see it being.  Thank you for this clinic and this experience.  --  T.M.


The group helped me to gain new insights and to help me grow as a person more than I thought possible.   This has been a powerful and positive experience for my recovery.  -D.W.


I did attend all the meetings with great attitude.   I would not have made it without "Less".    -B.B.


This program is absolutely amazing.  I highly recommend it to anyone needing help to recover.  Lexi is a true professional in her field, yet easily approachable.    I want to thank everypne at LESS who helped me through these past 10 weeks.  A wonderful group of people doing wonderful things for people who really need it.    -B.W.


LESS was an amazing program. It helped me tremendously.  -D.S.


I had a great experience, I felt safe and able to be open and honest with others.  I felt lots of support, I received great feedback, when or if I was bullshitting I was called out respectfully.  Lexi is an excellent therapist, I would suggest that anyone having trouble with substance abuse, give Project LESS a try.    -D.R.


The program is impactful  on all aspects of what using is.  Lexi is very creative in making sure all clients are able to share and are able to understand all the aspects of what using will do to the client's life and the family.  Thank you for the help.  Continue moving forward.  -J.A.


This program has really helped me see things in a different way and it has helped me understand what I was feeling, going through and all the struggles.  I have gained so much support and advise w/ everybody in the group.  I am truly grateful for the LESS Program and I hope to continue on my sobriety and clean life.   -T.G.


Project LESS is an amazing program!  The way we work as a group to help and identify problems that we are all dealing with is a great tool.  Not only receiving feedback from Lexi but people who deal with similar struggles makes you feel you're not alone.  Alo the tools used as well as the topics that are expressed are very important ti help identify solutions and noticing problems. Lexi is a great/amazing counselor.  She digs and makes me think about "who's really talking" or "who's thinking."  She is very understanding and knows what and why to say things or the advice she gives.  Nothing is wrong/bad about this program, it changed my life and is sure to change whoever gives their all! Thank you for everything !!!  -- B.A.

I believe Project LESS has given me a greater understanding of my addiction process and the necessary tools and foundation to continue and maintain my sobriety.  Although my journey of addiction has been a long slow development, pockmarked with episodes of great disaster and harsh consequences, I believe this program has stripped away some layers of faulty beliefs and poor judgments and revealed a layer of truth that my addiction can end as I remembered it, and brought forth a new light to manage and maintain sobriety  -- and more importantly, that being sober is fun and healthy.  Thank you for all that you've shown me Lexi.   --  T.K.

Project LESS has helped me to stay grounded and remain focused on my sobriety.  I like the feel of the group setting.  I was always able to be a part of the group and relate.  Lexi did a great job of bringing me out of my comfort zone to challenge my way of thinking when I wasn't feeling it.  I definitely use wise mind/emotional mind and "what's your peanut" the most often in my everyday life to help me stay present and aware.  My experience at Project LESS exceeded far beyond my original expectations.  Thanks for helping me to begin my new life free.

--  D.P.

I can't say enough positive things about Lexi and Project LESS.  From day 1 coming here I never felt judged and always felt welcomed.  This program has given me my life back and the coping skills I need to live a sober life.  --  L.S.

This program has truly changed my life in many aspects.  It provided me the tools to maintain a sober lifestyle.  Lexi is incredible and I believe she is extremely effective at attacking addiction.  I appreciate everything this program has done for me and I believe it can, and has, changed so many people's lives.  M.Z.

This has been a wonderful program.  Alexa is extremely knowledgeable, thus providing a wealth of information to the patients and family.  The family nights are very helpful and effective.  Each session was very beneficial to my recovery and understanding my addiction.  --  S.G.

This class is far more beneficial than I ever could've imagined.  Not only did I learn how to address and manage my addictions, but I also learned many other life-long lessons and tolls to be the better person I aim to be.  If I could keep coming to this class I would do so in a heartbeat.  The small group atmosphere was extremely effective for me and I recommend LESS keep doing exactly what they're doing.  This is the absolute best thing that could've happened to me at this point in my life.  I am forever grateful to Project LESS.   --  N.S.









Well, simply put, this was the wisest decision of my life (except for marrying my wife).  But this decision is in the conversation because, now I have my wife and my life back.  I know we all read reviews and some of them I take with a grain of salt, but the reviews on Lexi were phenomenal.  I looked at her picture and thought she was about the age of my oldest grandchildren.  What knowledge could this young lady impart on me that I didn't already know?  Well, it turns out plenty.  She is bright, intelligent and intuitive but most of all she listens and comes back at you with those things you may not wish to deal with.  She asks the hard questions and is not afraid to drive you to deeper thought.  She is wise beyond her years.  She has turned my life around and has done more good for me and my family then she will ever know.  If you need help and a positive influence to obtain your goals, she is the one to sign up with.  --  J.W.

Lexi is amazing.  Totally willing to work with each and every person and their situation.  This is not the ordinary IOP Program that you end up feeling like you HAVE to go.  I actually enjoyed coming to this class.  I felt safe to open up here, which is not my nature. We worked on issues as a group here.  This program (Project LESS) helped me get my life back on track and got me thinking right again!  Thank you so much for all the help with my family and working out trust issues that I caused.  ALL IN ALL AN AMAZING PROGRAM !   --  J.H.

This program has been wonderful!   An excellent therapeutic approach that has given me life-long skills and tools.   Skilled, REAL and professional counselor.  -T.B.

Project LESS was a life changing experience for me.  Not only does it teach you amazing coping mechanisms and ways to break down the struggles of everyday life, it gives you a restart of truly finding out who you want to be.  Hesitation before receiving treatment is normal for most people, but it is totally worth it.  Lexi does an incredible job to guide you, not teach you or lecture you, on how to live a sober lifestyle.  She is the water to your own seed that you grow on your own, and the person you become after is definitely different (for the better) than the one you walk in as.  Without this, I would be so much worse off, and I cannot thank Project LESS enough for that.  I will miss this place, but am ready to move on to put it into action.  -- J.N.


This really was an eye opener.   For me it was the best group ever.   -J.M.

Project LESS has improved my outlook on life.  My sobriety is due to the outpouring of support from IOP and the group and Lexi have meant the world to me.  If I could do IOP for 10 years I would!  Very valuable life coping skills and group topics have really allowed me to see what is important in life.  Thank you!      --  C.D.


Great group.   Constant interaction is the key to my success.   LESS has given me that opportunity.   Thanks for the push to get sober.    -M.R.


Class is very open and rewarding.   It brings issues to the forefront which allows for openness and discusion.   Great class!!!   -G.A.


This program has helped me realize just what I need to do to stay clean and sober.    This has been one of the most helpful things I have ever done for myself.   -B.O.


LESS has helped me to develop life habits that are necessary to maintaining my sobriety!  -B.F.


I feel that I got a lot out of the program, and am miles ahead of where I was when I started the program.  -A.T.


I greatly appreciate the patience and care that J. has given me.  I truly feel confident in the choices I have made into my new sober life and will never forget this positive, life-changing experience.  Thank you so much.   - J.D.


Well I have to say that I really enjoyed this program.  It helped me cope and learn a lot.  I will say it gave me the tools to help me be successful.  It was a comfortable setting where I actually did not dread coming but actually looked forward to it.   I would highly recommend this program to everyone I could.  I think the program is well structured and everyone I've worked with were awesome and I met some great people here and I'll miss it   -S.M.


The group setting is very helpful and less tense than my one-on-one sessions with my own therapist.  The games, the quizzes, all great team building exercises.  I feel the tighter the group becomes the stronger it makes everyone.  I can't really think of any ways to improve LESS except more games, especially when a new person joins.  -M.G.


I really got a lot out of this program.  Learning the cognitive side of addiction helped me process my thoughts in such a better way.  Lexi -- You are such a strong teacher -- You ask questions that need to be answered out loud.  I appreciate you as a therapist and as a person.   I am grateful for my experience here.    -M.J.


The program was very helpful.  Lexi pushed me to open up when I was reluctant and I am grateful for that.   The people in the group were great to open up with and learn from.  I enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend it to others.     -J.P.


I really can't think of anything to suggest as a possible improvement. The group meetings' environment lends itself to a feeling of "non-judgmental" . . . here to help approach. Facilitation is super - Lexi is great at tossing out an idea and allowing the group to respond.   -T.C.


LESS was a great place for me, mentally and physically, to help me through my treatment.  I know I could not have done it by myself.  To me it's a great program for anybody looking for help.    --  R.C.

At the beginning of my journey in regards to my addiction I was very depressed, discouraged and afraid.  Not sure if I could be helped, or if there was any hope for me.  At the very first session I felt comfortable, and was very impressed with the counselor Lexi.  Her skill of making the lesson plans clear and her empathy was outstanding.  After completing the 10 weeks I feel confident in my sobriety and now have the tools to be successful.  Thank you for helping me get my life back.  I would highly recommend Project LESS for anyone struggling with addiction.  --  C.F.

It was my first time at LESS or any IOP Program.  Had a awesome experience and felt welcome and comfortable with everyone I met.  You can relate to so many people in group because they are in for very similar reasons.  I enjoyed learning about the mental part of addiction and how it affects life.  Learning new techniques to stay sober and feel better about your life was a huge benefit.  Thank you !  --  J.G.

This class is a miracle, I came in this class for my parents, and parents only, with no intention of changing.  This class changed my thought process and I am now 53 days sober with no intentions of going back to my old lifestyle.  --  D.D.

I highly recommend this program.  I specifically recommend Lexi -- she is very connected with each client and engages, draws the client out.  There is no way that I would be where I am emotionally and mentally today without everyone in the group.  This is truly a life-saving and changing program!  -- E.G.

This program has changed my views on addiction and substance abuse.  It wasn't until admitting myself into this program that I truly wanted to stop my use.  I've learned how to cope w/struggles w/out abusing a substance.  I've found hope in a sober living lifestyle and also found a new relationship w/my family that I have always wanted.  This program changed my life for the better.  I'll never take what I've learned here for granted.  Thank you Project L.E.S.S.  -- J.D.

Project LESS should be renamed "Project MORE."  All that I have gained has been immeasurably valuable and life/soul changing.  The transformation between how I felt on day one, and when I graduated, is without a doubt going to impact my decision-making in the future.  Lexi has a gift for finding what each individual needs in order to stay honest with themselves, and progress towards their goals.  Her insight, experience, compassion, and genuine dedication to the process at LESS makes the experience at LESS one of healing, growth, and progress.  --  D.L. 

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